About the book

The world is changing fast, and digital technology fastest of all.

The growth of social media and increasingly innovative digital advancements raises questions for every Christian. How should we understand the new digital age? And how can we live well within it?

These technologies hold awesome potential for good. But when we engage unthinkingly with the online world, there is a danger that we begin to become increasingly like the technologies we use, relating and thinking without human connection. We fall short of what we were made to be. We are virtually human.

Whether you are an early adopter, a sceptic, or just content to go with the flow, this book will help you navigate the digital world in a way that honours Christ and leads to your growth and the growth of those around you.

The Authors

Ed Brooks

After graduating with a history degree from Oxford University, Ed lived in South Africa before returning to Oxford in 2010 to work on a PhD exploring the virtue of hope. He currently serves as Executive Director of the Oxford Character Project, which seeks to help students develop the character qualities needed for leadership that furthers the public good. 

Ed is married to Liubov and they are kept busy exploring the world with their three children. Follow Ed on Twitter @edwbrooks 

Pete Nicholas

A pastor and speaker, Pete co-leads Inspire London Church based at 'Silicon Roundabout', the technology hub in central London. After graduating from Oxford University with degrees in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) and an MSc in Sociology, Pete worked as a strategy consultant in communications and high-tech industries. 

Pete's passion for seeing the Christian faith integrated into all aspects of life was further strengthened through studying theology at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. Pete also works for Christians in Sport. He is married to Rebecca, who works as a surgeon and together they have a baby boy Oliver. Follow Pete on Twitter @peteinspire